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Menu & Pricing – Kutaseaview

Menu & Pricing – Ramayana

Traditional Facial

Rp. 429 k/net 60 minutes

Refresh and nourish your facial skin with our traditional facial treatment with all the best natural ingredients. The treatment includes cleansing, scrubbing / peeling, face toning massage, masking and as a finishing touch we will apply a moisturizing cream with UV protection to leave your skin radiant and healthy.

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Aromatic Foot Reflexology

Rp. 420 k/net 60 minutes | Rp. 245 k/net 30 minutes

This gentle and immensely pleasant foot massage helps to remove blockages and promotes better circulation for both blood and lymphatic systems that makes you feel fresh and healthy. The treatment starts with sea salt peppermint foot bath, stretching, reflexology session, warm aromatic towel wrap and as a finishing touch we will apply foot lotion and eucalyptus foot spray to leave your foot feeling brand new and ready to go!

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Balinese Sensation

Rp. 699 k/net 100 minutes

This is one of our most popular treatments. Take immense pleasure in this special massage ritual that starts with peppermint sea salt foot bath, traditional Balinese body massage followed by body scrub of your choice (rose, green tea or Javanese lulur). Once you’re done the warm flower bath and a cup of hot herbal tea awaits you to complete the treatment.

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Calming and Relaxing Package

Why settle for less if you can have it all in either one of these wonderfully blended packages. These packages will give you everything from the immensely relaxing footbath with peppermint and sea salt, our well known Balinese traditional massage and you can choose either the nourishing traditional facial or our immensely relaxing foot massage. We will also serve you with a special mix of herbal tea at the end of the session.

Calming Package Rp. 725 k/net 120 minutes
The package includes

  • Foot bath
  • Balinese Traditional Massage
  • Traditional Facial
  • Herbal Tea

Relaxing Package Rp. 735 k/net 120 minutes
The package includes:

  • Foot bath
  • Balinese traditional massage
  • Foot massage
  • Herbal Tea

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Royal Body Scrub Exfoliation Ritual

Rp. 530 k/net 50 minutes

Scrub will help to remove dead skins and leave your skin extra clean and radiant. We are offering three different types of scrubs for you to choose from:

  • Green Tea scrub has anti oxidant properties; good for all skin types
  • Lulur Body Scrub; suitable for skin with cellulites
  • Rose scrub; recommended for sensitive skin

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Rama Mask Ritual

Rp. 530 k/net 50 Minutes

This type of treatment will helps you for detoxification. Start with Stretching massages, then continued by body masking, Wrapping, and closed with shower at the end of treatment .

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Rama Body Massage Rejuvenation

Rp. 389 k/net 60 Minutes

Traditional massage passed down for generations, blends stretching, acupressure with Balinese Spices to relax your mind and balance the body.

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Rama Ultimate Sensation

Rp. 930 k/net 150 Minutes

As the name suggest this treatment offers you the ultimate rejuvenation package that will lead you to the path of total balance and harmony to your body and soul. It is a perfect treatment to escape from your daily hectic routines and to make you feel like a brand new person!


  • Body exfoliation with choice (rose, green tea, Javanese lulur)
  • Traditional Balinese Massage
  • Body Mask
  • Traditional Balinese Scalp massage
  • Aromatic Herbal bath rituals
  • Herbal tea

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Pretty Fingers and Toes

Make your fingers and toes nails glow with health and beauty with our complete package of manicure and pedicure. The treatment includes both hand and foot bath as stimulation, cuticles treatment, relaxing massage that working on both hand and foot and finally the application of nail polish or nail buffer to a healthy glow.

Ala carte menu:

  • Manicure 60 minutes
  • Pedicure 60 minutes
  • Nail Art 30 minutes
  • French Manicure 30 minutes
  • Nail Polish Only 30 minutes

Please contact us for detail prices

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Rama Revitalizing Massage

Rp. 299 k/net 45 Minutes
This treatment is a quick way to regain your fitness after a long tiring day. The massage with acupressure will be focused on your back to relieve you from tense muscles and sore joints. It combines neck, shoulder and as well as foot massage

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For Him Package

Rp. 789 k/net 150 Minutes
A complete treatment designed specifically for men which includes neck and shoulder massage, pedicure, aromatic foot reflexology and facial.

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Lymphatic Massage

Rp. 649 k/net 90 Minutes
Over our lifetime, we all tend to over indulge in whatever we are attracted to and our bodies forget how to detox. This process is done by our lymphatic system. Our bodies are equipped with lymph nodes to drain toxins naturally. The stresses of everyday living can cause them to block and once this happens, the toxins can not drain easily thus, the result can cause problems eg. Excessive weight gain, cellulite and in extreme cases maybe, even cancer.
The lymph glands (buttocks, armpit and groin area) are connected by a network of vessels which transfer toxic waste fluid. It is here where we use a specifically designed massage to help dispose of it.

The treatment takes approximately one hour and you must not take any food for at least 2 hours before this treatment in order for the massage to be effective.
The result can be instant. Try it and see. You will feel the difference immediately.

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The Rama Detox Treatment

Rp. 899 k/net Duration 120 minutes
This procedure is done by massaging the area in our body that stores toxin and cellulite. Then, we pump the unwanted toxin into the stomach and it is then taken naturally thru the body elimation process. The treatment takes approx 1 to 1and a half hour and the client must not take food at least 2 hours before in order for the massage to be effective.
The massage is firm but should not be painful. The therapist has undertaken much training and your massage will be professionally carried out with a full explanation of what you can do to improve your physical health.

There are many benefits of taking this therapy, firstly, to improve your digestive system, by ridding your body of harmful toxin, losing cellulite, losing cm from your arms, legs, hips and waist. However, the feeling of wellbeing is want we want to help you achieve.
Please note, this therapy is accompanied with a Green tea Body Scrub, which is done before the lymphatic massage starting off with a peppermint foot bath to cool and refresh the feet, followed with a relaxing body scrub which cleans and open the pores of the skin, leaving the body feeling fresh and ready to take the freshly prepared oil given at the lymphatic treatment.

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Honeymoon Package

For Couple Rp. 1.650 k/net 150 min
Single Rp. 980 k/net

  • Segar canaga foot bath
  • Balinese Massage
  • Body Scrub
  • Yogurt Splash
  • Rain Shower
  • Traditional facial ( for ladies )
  • Reflexology ( for man )
  • Flower bath
  • Herbal Tea

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Rama Royal package

Rp. 1.190 k/net 150 min

  • Flower foot bath with essential oil canaga
  • Massage Balinese
  • Scrub lulur
  • Flower bath with herbal
  • Aromatic scented dupa ( Meratus / V spa)
  • Creambath
  • Herbal Tea

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Chakra Balance Therapy

Rp. 425 k/net

In our treatment, we use crystals in pendulums and polished rumble stones. We use them for protection, creating types of energy or mood, for healing and relaxation, meditation, to attract positives and repel negative energy, etc.

The principle of how crystals work is extremely simple. Crystals heal on a physical and emotional level, they offer protection, relaxation, assist meditation, can also attract love, money, luck.

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Stone Massage

Rp. 659 k/net 90 min

The traditions of this massage is based on a healing ritual, The stones are laid in accordance to size & shape of the body, similar to that of a cross. The therapist will hold the stone before applying to the body to make sure its not too hot.

The healing benefits :
Increases blood circulation.
Improves blood flow of surrounding tissue
Aids to improve skin problems
Helps to reduce pain in muscles & ligaments
Applies a very deep massage without extra wear & tear to the therapist hand.
Relieves stress, anxiety & tension

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Other Treatments

Traditional Hair Creambath
Hair Spa
Spa Manicure
Spa Pedicure


Hair Braiding
Eyebrow Traiding

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