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How can reflexology help you?
Feet are “the second heart” since they pump as the heart does. If you have blockage in your feet, your blood or lymphatic fluid won’t flow very well. Reflexology helps to remove the blockage in the feet so that your blood/lymphatic circulation improves.

After the session, you will have:

  • Better circulation : You will get smoother blood/ lymphatic circulation and your feet will feel very warm.
  • Lighter feet : Heal swollen feet
  • Better sleep : You will have a good deep sleep and wake up the next morning feeling refreshed
  • Toxin removed : Wastes and toxins will be eliminated from the body
  • Restored energy : Tiredness and fatigue will be gone away

Scalp Seduction

30 minutes Rp. 85 k/net
Relaxing massage on the head to stimulate your blood circulation, calming your body and mind.

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Neck and Shoulder Massage

30 minutes Rp. 95 k/net
Neck and shoulder massage. A quick way to regain your fitness after a long tiring day with acupressure massage to relieve the pain of tense muscle and sore points.

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Ambiente’s Traditional Massage

60 minutes Rp. 185 k/net | 90 minutes Rp. 225 k/net
Traditional massage passed down for generations, blends stretching and acupressure with aromatherapy oil to relax and balance your body and mind. Including: Wet towel with essential oil, foot bath with crystal salt, body massage.

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Stones Massage

60 minutes Rp. 259 k/net | 90 minutes Rp. 349 k/net
The traditional stone body massage is a healing ritual comprehensive of warm stones laid in accordance to size and shape of the body this massage enhances blood circulation, reducing pain in ligaments. Relief stress and tension.

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Aromatherapy Massage

90 minutes Rp. 245 k/net
Aromatherapy massage uses a combination of gentle stretches, acupressure and Rama Spa blended warm aromatherapy massage oil to stimulate blood flow and energy within your body. This massage will help reduce stress and rebalance your energy.

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Lomi – Lomi

90 minutes Rp. 365 k/net
Subliminal body massage using special movement with hand and elbow to relish tension. the pressure will stimulate blood flow release toxins, allowing the body to naturally heal it self with strong pressure massage. Consultation recommended at spa reception.

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Lymphatic Massage

90 minutes Rp. 439 k/net
This massage is designed to drain out bad toxins naturally by reactivating our lymph nodes. Stress and fatigue can block our lymph nodes. For better effect and result you must not eat or drink anything at least 2 hours before treatment. By appointment only.

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Foot Reflexology and Aromatherapy

30 minutes Rp. 90 k/net
Foot bath with crystal sea salt, complete foot reflexology and aromatherapy

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Happy Feet

60 minutes Rp. 150 k/net
Foot bath with crystal sea salt. Foot wash. Foot file. Foot massage. Foot scrub. Wrap with warm towel.
Foot lotion.

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Ambiente’s Body Scrub Sensation

60 minutes Rp. 145 k/net
Scrub will remove dead cells and made your skin clean and shiny. We are offering three different type of scrub of your choice that are: – Green Tea scrub: as anti oxidant. – Milk scrub: containing vitamin A & D, milk will keep your skin supple, silky and radiant. – Chocolate scrub: helps to reduce cellulite, as anti aging. Make your skin satin ribbon and smooth.

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After Sun Care

45 minutes Rp. 169 k/net
To repair sun damage and nourish your skin. Includes:
– Foot bath
– Aloe Vera body wrap

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Ambiente Pleasure

90 minutes Rp. 245 k
Wet towel with essential oil, foot bath with crystal salt, foot reflexology, and aromatherapy, neck and shoulder massage or scalp massage.

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Ambiente’s Total Body care

90 minutes Rp. 250 k/net
Enjoy your day in Bali with special spa treatment. Started with foot bath, traditional massage, body scrub of your choice, finished with wrap warm towel and lotion of your choice.

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Calming Sensation

120 minutes Rp. 299 k/net
Package includes:
Foot bath ritual, traditional Balinese massage, traditional facial.

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Relaxing Sensation

120 minutes Rp. 330 k/net
Packages includes:
Foot bath ritual, tradiitonal Balinese massage, foot massage reflexology and aromatherapy.

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Ambiente Energizer

120 minutes Rp. 330 k/net

Lift up your energy with top to toes massage: Foot, back, hands, scalp. And an additional facial
to refresh your face.

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Total Refreshment

120 minutes Rp. 369 k/net

(Foot Bath, Balinese Massage and Shiatsu Facial)

Traditional Massage blends streaching an accupreasure body massage. It’s combined with Shiatsu Facial, a special finger pressure face massage.Starting with cleansing ,face scrub, continuing with shiatsu massage to relax your face.

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Ultimate Bliss for Two

150 minutes Rp. 990 k/net/2 persons

Designed for those celebrating any special occasion, anniversary, honeymooning, even friendship. This package includes various treatments: foot bath, balinese massage, body srub, yogurt splash, facial/reflexology and flower bath. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

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Traditional Facial

60 minutes Rp.175 k/net
This rejuvenating facial massage that fully refreshing you. It also inclusive a head massage.

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Shiatsu facial

60 minutes Rp. 185 k/net
Special design fingers pressure massage. Starting with cleansing, scrub, continuing with shiatsu massage to relax your face. Book NOW!

Ambiente Special Duo

60 minutes Rp. 219 k/net
Enjoy two therapists dedicated to your hands and feet, make your nails glow, healthy and increase your blood flow.

Manicure   Rp. 99 k/net

Pedicure    Rp. 125 k/net

And more…

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