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Rama Spa at Rama Beach Resort & Villas – Spa Treatment

Rama Body Rejuvenation

Rp. 399 k / net /  60 min  |  Rp. 525 k / net / 90 min
Traditional massage passed down for generations, blends stretching, acupressure with Balinese spices to relax your mind and balance the body.

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Aromatic Foot Reflexology

Rp. 265 k / net / 30 min | Rp. 359 k / net / 60 min
Various points in your feet correspond to parts of your inner body metabolism. It will boost and reactive all your body functions. Over 1000 years of ancient practice has proved it.

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Warm Stones Therapy

Rp. 540 k  / net  /  60 min  | Rp. 660 k  / net  /  90 min
The traditional stones massage is a healing ritual comprehensing of warm stones laid in accordance to size and shape of body this massage enhances blood circulation, reducing pain in muscles, ligaments. Relief stress and tension.

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Aromatherapy Body Massage

Rp. 480 k / net /  60 min

Aromatherapy massage uses a combination of gentle stretches, acupressure and Rama Spa blended warm aromatherapy massage oil to stimulate blood flow and energy within your body. This massage will help reduce stress and rebalance your energy.

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Lomi Lomi Massage

Rp. 599 k / net  / 90 min

Subliminal body massage using special movements with hands and elbows to release tension. The pressure will stimulate blood flow to release toxins, allowing the body to naturally heal it self.
Deep pressure massage.

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Herbal Ball Massage

Rp. 660 k/ net / 90 Min
This treatment combines Balinese body massage and Rama Spa  warm natural herbal ball. Herbal Balls help to increase energy level, improve the immune system and lungs function while acupressure stimulates blood circulation and releases muscles tension.

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Harmony Bamboo Massage

Rp. 660 k  / net /   90 Min
This treatment is using a combination of therapist hands and bamboo rolling stick for full body massage that works on muscles and nerves pathways, soothing muscles stiffness and boosting blood circulation, nerves perception and lymphatic drainage. Providing  a deep sense of relaxation and well-being.

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Lymphatic Detox Massage

rp. 660 k  /  net  /   90 Min

A MUST TRY. The stress and fatigue of living in this turbulent times can block the lymph nodes functions. You must not consume any food or drink at least 2 hours before the treatment for effective results to re activate lymph nodes.

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Shirodara Ritual

Rp. 715 k  / net  /  90 Min
Foot ritual – Balinese Body Massage – Scalp Neck & Shoulder – Ayurvedic Scalp Ritual – Shower – Herbal tea. Ancient Indian-Asian traditional healing

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Spoiling Our Kids

Rp. 199 k  / net  /  30 Min
For your junior Prince or Princess. Special gentle massage to relax their body and mind ( 8 – 12 Years)

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Chakra Balance

Rp. 495 k  /  net  /  30 Min
Using crystals, pendulums and polished rumble stones for healing and relaxation, meditation, to attract positives and repel negative energies.

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After Sun Care

Rp. 360 k / net  / 45 Min
To repair sun damage and nourish your skin. Includes:
– Foot bath
– Aloe Vera body wrap.

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Rama Exotic Scrub

Rp. 480 k / net /  60 min
Scrub will help to remove dead cells and make your skin smooth and radiant. We are offering four kinds of scrub for you to choose: green tea, lulur body scrub, rose scrub,
Balinese “Boreh” scrub (home made)

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Ancestral Balinese Spiritual

Rp. 715 k / net / 60 min

Foot bath ritual, blessing mantra prayer, full body 20 fingers massage, blessing mantra prayer, herbal tea.

A total spiritual and physical rejuvenation. Mantra prayers will bring you total peace of mind and soul. Gods’s blessings. Therapist will offer you a total full body massage in a calm and blessed environment.

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Asian Spiritual Tradition

Rp. 1.500 k / net /  210 min

Foot ritual – Shirodara head massage – rain shower –  cream bath – shampoo & hair dry – chakra balance.

This Shirodara ritual will physically totally relax your head, body and mind. followed by rain shower. Head massage creambath to refresh. Chakra will release all negative aura and attract positive energy. A complete renewal.

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Combination Treatments

Balinese Sensation  rp. 750 k  / 100 min

Foot ritual – Balinese body massage – Balinese traditional scrub – rain shower – herbal bath.


Calming Package   Rp. 825 k / net /120 min

Foot bath, Balinese traditional massage, Traditional facial, Herbal tea


Rama Bali Bliss  Rp. 825 k / net  /  120 min

Foot ritual – Balinese body massage and scalp massage –  Balinese “Boreh” scrub – rain shower – ratus.


For Him Treatment   Rp. 825 k / net  / 120 min
Foot ritual – Neck & Shoulder massage – Pedicure – Foot reflexology –  Herbal tea.
*Recommended for men but also good for women.

Rama Ultimate    Rp. 1.140 k / net / 150 min
Foot ritual – Balinese body massage – body exfoliation – body mask – traditional Balinese Scalp massage & Hair creambath – aromatic Herbal bath rituals – Herbal tea.

Rama Intimate   Rp. 1.320 k / net  /  150 min
Foot ritual – Balinese body massage – Java lulur scrub – Flower and herbal bath – Aromatic Ratus  – Creambath – Herbal Tea.

Real Bliss for Two   rp. 1.650 k / net / 2 persons  /  150 min
Foot ritual –    Balinese body massage – Body scrub – Yogurt splash – Rain shower – Traditional facial ( for ladies ) or reflexology ( for man ) – Flower bath – Herbal Tea.

Royal Healing Heritage   Rp. 1.440 k / net / 180 min
Foot ritual – Balinese body massage and head massage – Balinese boreh scrub – Aloevera Natural body mask – Rain shower – Herbal bath – Aromatic “ratus”.

Chakra Balance Ritual  Rp. 1.500 k / net / 210 min
Foot ritual – Balinese body massage, Chakra therapy – Relaxing traditional facial – Rain shower & herbal bath – Cream bath – Shampoo & hair dry.

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Traditional Facial

Rp. 429 k / net / 60 minutes
This rejuvenating facial massage is done with traditional ingredients that fully refresh you, it also includes a head massage.

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Creambath & Head Massage

Rp. 429 k / net / 60 minutes
Feel the sensation from Indonesia Heritage treatment. With head, neck and shoulder massage,  shampoo and hair tonic.

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Hands & Feet Treatments

a complete manicure or pedicure treatment which includes hand or foot bath stimulation, cuticles treatment, relaxing hands and feet massage. It is completed with nails polish or nail buffer for a healthy grow.

Gehwol Manicure & Hands Care
Rp. 275 k / net / 60 min

Gehwol Pedicure & Feet Care
 Rp. 330 k/ net /  60 min

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Pevonia Refresher Facial

Rp. 330 k / net  / 30 min
Cleanser (included face lotion & gentle exfoliation) – aroma face oil (sensitive skin) – facial lotion – sensitive face cream.

Fast rejuvenation for your skin! Your skin will be cleansed, exfoliated, masked and moisturized. A skin bliss to restore hydration and refresh.

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Pevonia Organic Facial

Rp. 550 k / net  / 60 min

Cleanser – Aroma Face Oil (sensitive skin) – Evolutive eye cream – MicroEmulsion face massage – Rejuvenating face mask – Eye Gel – Sensitive skin cream.

Using organic aromatherapy elixirs and botanical actives to purify, balance and renew the skin, leaving the skin more radiant, energized and regenerated. Jasmine and Canaga to nourish, sandalwood to balance and orange flower to calm and strengthen skin.

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Pevonia Men Natural Facial

Rp. 495 k / net / 60 min
Cleanser – Aroma Face Oil (sensitive skin) – Evolutive eye cream – MicroEmulsion face massage – Rejuvenating dry skin mask – Eye Gel – Sensitive skin cream.

Specially designed for men, this facial using plants extracts, and pure essential oils to restore skin back to a healthy balance. Incorporating a relaxing mixed of facial, shoulder, scalp, hand and arm massage.

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Pevonia Rejuvenating Black Tea Facial

Rp. 770 k / net / 60 min
Cleanser – Elastin Polypeptides with sorghu – MicroEmulsion face massage – Evolutive eye cream – face mask -Eye Gel – Lumafirm repair cream.

Anti aging. Pure organic black tea rich in anti-oxidant, vitamins and enzymes to repair and redefine facial contour, increases skin elasticity and restores a healthy glow. Ideal for any skin type showing signs of aging, renders your skin ultra-luminous with firmer, tighter and more youthfully defined appearance.

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