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Menu & Pricing – Amadea

Ambiente Spa at Amadea – Spa Treatment

Ambiente Half Day Fun Massage Course

4 hours Rp. 885 k/net, minimum 2 participants

Learn with Fun
Basic Massage Course
Upper back, Shoulder and Neck Massage

Start with simple anatomy and theory then continue with upper back, shoulder and neck massage practice with trainer

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Ambiente Full Day Fun Massage Course

8 hours Rp. 1.460 k/net, minimum 2 participants

Learn with Fun
Basic Massage Course
Upper back, Shoulder, Neck Massage and Foot Massage

Simple body anatomy and theory
Upper back, shoulder and neck massage practice with trainer
Lunch break (lunch not included)
Revise upper back, shoulder and neck massage
Simple foot anatomy and theory
Practice foot and lower legs massage with trainer

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Lymphatic Massage our own signature

90 min Rp. 575k/net

Over our lifetime, we all tend to over indulge in whatever we are attracted to and our bodies forget how to detox. This process is done by our lymphatic system. Our bodies are equipped with lymph nodes to drain toxins naturally. The stresses of everyday living can cause them to block and once this happens, the toxins can not drain easily thus, the result can cause problems eg. Excessive weight gain, cellulite and in extreme cases maybe, even cancer.

The lymph glands (buttocks, armpit and groin area) are connected by a network of vessels which transfer toxic waste fluid. It is here where we use a specifically designed massage to help dispose of it.

The treatment takes approximately one hour and you must not take any food for at least 2 hours before this treatment in order for the massage to be effective.
The result can be instant. Try it and see. You will feel the difference immediately.

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Real Dream For Two

150 min Rp. 1.450 k/net/2persons

This package is made for those honeymooning, celebrating a anniversary or any special occasion, even friendship. This package includes various treatment: foot bath, balinese massage, body scrub, yogurt splash, facial or reflexology and flower bath

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Exfoliation Ritual

60 min Rp.365 k/net

Scrub will help to remove dead cells and make your skin smooth and radiant. We are offer three kinds of scrub for you to choose:
Green Tea, lulur Body Scrub, Rose Scrub.

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Body Detox Mask ritual

60 min Rp. 355 k/net

For detoxification, start with stretching body massage, then continued by body masking, wrapping, and rain shower.

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Balinese Bliss

90 min Rp. 495 k/net

A combination of traditional Balinese massage and body scrub, a favorite treatment for guests here in Bali. It starts with a foot bath and completes with a flower bath which refreshes you fully. Healthy drink will be served.

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Total Rejuvenation

60 min Rp. 345 k/net

Traditional massage passed down here for generations, blends stretching, acupressure with Balinese spice to relax your mind and balance the body.

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Pretty Finger and toes

60 minutes Rp. 259k/net

Make your fingers & toes nails glow with health and beauty with our complete package of manicure & pedicure. The treatment includes both hand & foot bath as stimulation, cuticles treatment, relaxing massage that working on both hand & foot. Finally the application of nail polish or nail buffer to a healthy glow.

Basic Manicure Rp. 155 k/net   Pedicure Rp. 175k/net

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Great Treat

100 min Rp. 525 k/net

Treatment includes:

  • Full body massage
  • Body Scrub for Man
  • Rain Shower
  • Pedicure
  • Manicure

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Facial Treatment

60 min Rp. 365 k/net

Get fresher look and healthy skin with face massage and treatment. Continued with facial scrub to remove all dead cell

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Aromatherapy Foot Reflexology

30 min Rp. 175 k/net  |  60 min Rp. 275 k/net
Reflexology helps to remove the blockage in the feet. So that your blood/ lymphatic circulation improve.
Including :

  • Segar cananga foot bath
  • Stretching
  • Reflexology
  • Wrapping warm towel
  • Foot lotion
  • Foot spray

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Relaxing Time

30 min Rp. 185 k/net

Scalp and cranial Balinese massage to reduce all tension, stimulate blood circulation and hair glow

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Stone Massage

60 min Rp. 380 k/net

The traditional stone massage is a healing ritual comprehensing of crystal stone laid in accordance to size and shape of the body this massage enhances blood circulation, reducing pain in muscle, ligaments. Relieve stress and tension.

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Lomi - Lomi

90 min Rp. 419 k/net

Subliminal body massage using special movement with hands and elbow to release tension. The pressure will stimulate blood flow to release toxins, allowing the body to naturally heal it self with strong pressure massage

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Balinese Heritage and Tradition

90 min Rp. 429 k/net

feel and enjoy our traditional heritage treatment. Like in the past…A real Balinese massage followed by “Boreh” spicy scrub, special old recipe. All done to remove dead cells and awaken your body and senses.

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After Sun Skin Care Indulgence

60 min Rp. 345 k/net

Nourish your skin with gentle body wrap.
Treatment includes:

  • Segar Cananga foot bath
  • pressure point
  • Aloevera Body wrap
  • rain Shower

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